Amelia ~ 12 days

wide awake newborn baby girl photo by Amberlight Images WirralBeautiful Amelia gave us plenty of time to capture these wide awake shots of her lovely blue eyes! She gave the best cuddles and was alert and ‘chatty’ and so very interested in our camera – she really didn’t want to miss a second of her newborn shoot… but eventually it all got to much and whilst she drifted off into dreamland for a while we were able to capture some serene and sleepy photos for Mum and Dad.

Baby girl with blue eyes photo Amberlight Images Sleepy baby girl with cuddly unicorn photo copyright Amberlight Images Newborn girl wrapped in purple blanket photo copyright Amberlight Images Black & white photo of newborn baby girl on textured blanket Amberlight Images Newborn baby cradled in Dad's arms photo by Amberlight Images Wirral

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