Kieran ~ 11 days

Black & white photo of a sleepy yawny swaddled newborn baby boy copyright Amberlight Images ChesterGorgeous Kieran kept us waiting… and waiting… and waiting… Finally making a dramatic and very late entrance to the world at 2 weeks past his due date! But it was oh so worth the wait to meet him – he gave the most wonderful snuggly cuddles, being a very alert but happy and ‘chatty’ baby. He made us work very hard for those dreamy shots, but eventually settled into a lovely deep sleep for some beautiful photos.

Wide awake newborn baby photo Amberlight Images Sleepy newborn with teddy bears photo Amberlight Images Newborn baby boy in brown knitted blanket photo Amberlight Images Wirral Black & white newborn baby in bear hat photo copyright Amberlight Images Newborn baby safely held in mum and dad's hands photo Amberlight Images

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