photo of a boy's name Elijah on a notepad.

Baby Names

photo of a boy's name Elijah on a notepad.Whether you love the traditional or prefer something a bit more unique, choosing a name for your beautiful tiny baby merits some thought and a little research – in the hope that as they grow up, they will love their name as much as you do!


So how do you go about choosing a name?

These days we so often turn to google for help when looking for ideas, but it maybe useful before you start to decide what type of name you would choose for your new baby? The following may make your search a little easier…

  • Love traditional? Look at a historical or family connection. It’s a lovely tribute to a much loved relative to name a baby after them.
  • Prefer Unique? A name that is purely your child’s? They are brand new little people after all, so something different they can ‘own’.
  • Maybe you love the hot new trendy or celebrity names? Have a look at this for ideas
  • Many names have meanings, which can be significant in your choice. Find out what the origins of your baby’s name are.
  • A name that means something to you… a place you met, or a name that celebrates the environment, earth or the stars? Check out the meaning of your own name here!
  • You may consider a unisex name that won’t define your child by their gender?
  • Or perhaps your favourite name is the current most popular! And there’s nothing wrong with that, they are popular for a reason- they are all beautiful names!

The most popular baby names in the UK during 2016:
A list of the UK most popular baby names 2016

Baby in parents hands photo Amberlight ImagesSo how did I choose my own baby’s name?

Because I had to share my name with 4 other girls in my class throughout school, I was determined to find a name for my baby that was unusual – so that when writing her name on her homework she would never have to laboriously write out her surname each time… but I’m also not one for standing out in the crowd either, so didn’t really want anything too unique! You can see my problem here right? So finding the perfect name for our baby took literally the. whole. 9. months! Compounded by the fact that names I loved, my husband didn’t…and vice versa. We tore up a lot of lists until we got down to 3 possible options for a girl. Lucky that she was a girl too, as we didn’t even get close to agreeing on a name for the boy we guessed (wrongly) we were having!

Photo of Wooden lettering spelling 'Love'

So did I manage it? A unique name that blends in? Yes I think so… (And my daughter loves her name too) What is it you ask? Well I really can’t say, as I want it to stay unique…

…But I will let you know that we chose a very traditional Welsh name, (my husband is Welsh), so already it was going to be fairly unusual where we live on the Wirral in the northwest of England, but it’s also one of those names that isn’t yet, but probably will become popular in Wales again just like the current resurgence of traditional English names like Elsie, Nancy and Edith. But it’s not so different from the English version that it stands out…and in 10 years we have only come across one other child who shares her name; during a completely random and fleeting friendship in a playground. My daughter was delighted!

So is it such a bad thing to share a name? My best friend throughout primary school had exactly the same name as me! I think it’s partly the reason we became friends in the first place 🙂

Photo of a list of baby names.What’s on your list of potential baby names? Feel free to comment, we’d love to know some of the beautiful names we will meet in our newborn photography sessions this year! Love, Jo x♥x♥


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Further reading: we had this book when we were choosing names 🙂 Dictionary of First names.