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Baby Photography Tips…

Newborn baby boy encircled by mum's hands photo Amberlight ImagesPhotographing your baby (Tips from the profession)

As our little ones grow so fast and change on an almost daily basis, its very rewarding to have beautiful photos documenting this. Your amazing newborn photography session with us created stunning portraits that captured that incredibly precious and fleeting newborn phase. But babies change so much, especially in those first few weeks, and it’s not realistic to book a photography shoot to capture every tiny milestone! So we’ve put together these tips to help you to continue to capture some lovely shots to document your baby growing up…

Tip 1

Look at the area your baby is in. If you can keep the background of the photo as clear and uncluttered as possible it will help to keep the focus on your beautiful baby rather than distractions… If your baby is lying on a pink change mat, which is placed half across a cream rug and wooden floor, with nappies, wipes and general baby paraphernalia in the background, it’s not going to be an image you are likely to want to frame! Try laying out a soft plain throw or blanket to cover all areas of the background with the same colour and texture to minimise distractions!Tiny newborn baby boy photo by Amberlight Images Wirral

Tip 2

Tiny newborns photograph best when they are naked! Lets face it, babygro’s rarely fit them properly when they are first born, their little feet simply don’t reach the end and tiny fingers get lost somewhere amongst the 0-3 month arms, baggy babygro’s rarely look good in photos! If you don’t want them naked, try wrapping to hide their nappy or swaddle your baby in some soft plain blankets for their photographs.Baby girl with blue eyes photo Amberlight Images

Tip 3

Wait until they are asleep! Newborns sleep a lot! We know it doesn’t feel like it at 2am when they are wide awake and wanting comfort. But photographs are so much easier when tiny newborns are slumbering! When they are awake, they are rarely still. Little flailing arms and kicking legs make photographs look awkward. If you do want some awake photos of their gorgeous big eyes, this is a good time to go back to Tip 2, and swaddle those arms and legs, and again back up to Tip 1, make sure they are lying on a plain and simple background.Black & white photo of a sleepy yawny swaddled newborn baby boy copyright Amberlight Images Chester

Tip 4

Look for the light! Photography is all about good lighting. Try not to use a pop up flash, it’s unflattering for portraits and can throw up very strong shadows just where you don’t want them. If you can, place your baby near a large window to make the most of the natural light. Place baby with their head towards the light, toes away. This creates shadows in the correct places ie, under the nose, in exactly the same places you would expect shadows to form if created by the sun. (Light going ‘up the nose’ is ‘horror’ lighting – think of those Halloween style portraits taken with a torch under the chin for a ghoulish image).Sleepy newborn baby girl with headband black & white photo by Amberlight Images

Tip 5

Shoot ‘down the nose’! Try to angle your camera/phone so you are very slightly pointing down baby’s body. It’s a more flattering angle. 

Tip 6

Also look at ways you can get more intimate photos, go close in to catch the features of their face, those sweeping long eyelashes, button noses and rosebud lips. Record their tiny fists and teeny toes.newborn baby toes photo copyright Amberlight Images Bebington

And Finally, but most importantly…

At all times keep your baby safe! Photograph them on blankets placed on the floor, or cradled safely in mum or dad’s arms (this is a great way to highlight just how tiny they are too!) Never lie them at height, on a wooden chair or suspend them in a basket…Whilst some of the professional photos you see on the internet may ‘look’ like baby is asleep in a hammock or is sailing away on a piece of driftwood on a lake, these images aren’t real, and instead are achieved with a bit of photoshop magic!!Close up photo of newborn girl against Dad's chest, copyright Amberlight Images

Enjoy photographing your little one, we hope these top tips help you create some beautiful shots as your baby grows for you to keep and treasure those little memories. xxx

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