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From Bump to Birth to Baby Show

From bump to birth to baby show logoWe meet many new mums and mums-to-be during the course of our work, and we quite often have very similar conversations with our clients about what’s available in our local area for them and their new baby. Whether it’s questions about pregnancy fitness classes, where they can find someone who can teach them baby massage, or even simply a place they can go that is baby-friendly to just get out of the house for a short time and grab a coffee.

And as Mums ourselves, we have been there and can quite often point our Mums in the right direction or make suggestions. We have found as well, that working within the baby industry we have naturally met a lot of other people (usually also mums) who provide support, services and products for our new mums, and many of these small business owners have become our friends over the years as our paths have crossed at small community or charity events we have taken part in.

Mum cuddling newborn baby photo by amberlight imagesIt became very apparent to us that these services aren’t always easy to find, and after speaking to mums with older babies at our milestone photography sessions about services or baby classes that they would have loved to have known about when their baby was tiny, and have then felt they missed out, (sometimes with a much needed support, or educational service that could have helped so much) we decided to try to rectify this as much as we could, and do our bit to give a little bit back to the local ‘baby community’

So, together with our friends Tracy from Daisy Birthing, Debbie from Misfit Mamas, and Claire, our marketing guru, with the financial backing from Kerry our sponsor at Puddle Ducks Wirral, we created a ‘From Bump to Birth to baby Show’ for the Wirral. With some staunch support and encouragement from many other local businesses, we were able to put together our first event in February this year, in the hope that we could help pregnant and new mums access the services available locally, all under one roof, and access them NOW, while they needed them the most, rather than finding out about them when it was too late to be relevant.; whether that was breastfeeding support, locally sourced products, or friendly baby groups where they could meet other new mums.From bump to birth to baby show logo

We were nervous in the run up to the first event – had we got the balance right? We had tried to provide a wide range of products and services, and balanced these out with some information talks to offer support and advice on the subjects we most often discussed with our new mums. We had put a lot of time and effort in and we were so hopeful parents to be would find it useful…As it turned out, we needn’t have worried! An overwhelming success, with so many new mums finding some support services and baby products they hadn’t known existed made the hard work and time we had dedicated to the show worthwhile. We found it very emotional to receive some of the feedback after the event, and so glad we got it right for you guys!

So we are doing it again!

Bumpto birth to baby show event team photoOur original event team is back, Puddleducks are back on board as our sponsors, Village Hotel Bromborough are again hosting this fabulous free event… and the biggest difference? Time! After feedback from our mums and mums-to be, we are extending the time. This year the event will run from 10am – 2pm, to give you all more time to chat to your local services and businesses, to attend the information talks that are most important to you, and to take time out for a coffee and a chat on the day… So, please make a note in your diary for Saturday 4th November, at the Village Hotel in Bromborough. And please come and find us, say Hi, and let us know if there is anything we can add for the next one…we are looking forward to seeing you there. Jo & Jacqui xx