Natural family photo captured in woodland by Amberlight Images Wirral

Exist in your family photos…

Natural family photo captured in woodland by Amberlight Images WirralThis article is especially aimed at mums… Here at Amberlight, we don’t really shout about our family photography sessions much on our website, as it’s mostly all about newborns and babies. (And our newborn baby sessions always include family photos). But we do offer natural relaxed and fun filled family sessions, these are usually specifically requested by our clients, or booked directly from recommendations. We love these natural outdoor sessions because they are oh so important for including you in the photo! Candid photo of a family of four having fun outdoors, copyright Amberlight ImagesHow many of us have like a trillion photos of our kids, or more, mostly taken on a smart phone, and hopefully stored safely in the ‘cloud’ but how may of us mums are actually in the photos? We are so good at always having a phone to hand, to grab a quick snap of our kids doing something daft with dad, playing with the dog, or simply looking adorably cute in that new outfit, but who takes the photo of us with our babies? (And we at Amberlight are very guilty of this ourselves – maybe even more so, as though we are never far away from our cameras, recording our children growing up, we are always behind the camera!)

Close family portrait by amberlight images Wirral In years to come, where were¬†you when your child looks back at the photos of their childhood? Make an effort to exist in your child’s photos… it doesn’t matter if you didn’t have time to brush your hair that day, that your make-up isn’t perfect. You feel tired, or that weight you’d promised yourself you were going to lose hasn’t happened yet!

This is going to be a personal project for us too this summer (and beyond), to make more of an effort to be in our own photos, with our own little ones and our family, it really is so important!

Abstract family portrait by Amberlight ImagesSo smile for a photo, hug your child, show them in years to come that you were there that day! Pass your camera or phone to your partner, friend, grandparent, or even your child, get them to take your picture! Book a professional photographer to capture the essence of your family! Be there for the memories… Exist! In years to come, your children won’t care how you look, just that you are there in that photo, smiling, loving them, existing! Preserve their memories of you. xxxBlack and white family photo, natural outdoor by Amberlight ImagesFamily photo captured during a woodland walk by amberlight imagesNatural outdoor family photo Amberlight Images Wirral

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