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Daisy foundation logo wirralHere’s a question for you: think back to the most recent representations you have seen on TV of childbirth. Were they positive, empowering experiences for the women involved? I’m guessing that’s probably a resounding no!! I can think of a few I’ve seen lately – both fictional dramas and documentaries – and the universal image seems to be a screaming woman laid on her back in a bed. So that’s how you give birth….right? Erm…..no not really.

Think about gravity and the potential effect – and benefit – it could have on your baby as they descend…. Think about all that energy that you are wasting if you are screaming at the top of your lungs…. It’s very sad when you think that such a massive event in a woman’s life is often portrayed so negatively – when in actual fact it can be the most incredible and empowering experience.

The human body is amazing: the way a woman can grow a baby, developing and nourishing it until it is ready to enter the world – why are we so intent in scaring each other about how awful birth is? Anyone who has had a baby will have had ‘that one friend’ who is desperate to tell you her horror story!! I’ll let you into a secret: your body was designed to do this.Daisy birthing classChildbirth can be amazing and empowering, but the key thing is often to take the fear out of it by educating yourself and taking the time to prepare for it. It is also really important to have the confidence to ask questions and disagree with things that you don’t like. Did you know for example that you can decline vaginal examinations? There are other ways that a midwife can monitor progress during labour so if you don’t want them don’t feel obliged to comply. Remember, it’s your body, your baby, your choice!wirral daisy birthing class set upI am fortunate enough to teach Daisy Birthing classes in Ellesmere Port and Wirral – having attended the classes myself as a mum-to-be back in 2012. As you may have gathered, I am passionate about educating women and changing the negative perceptions that some people are so keen to reinforce. By taking the time to learn some simple breathing techniques and how to combine these with yoga based movements, mums-to-be can feel their confidence and knowledge grow – all within a supportive and friendly environment that supports all birth choices from home water birth to planned c-section and everything in between. If this sounds like something you would be keen to explore further, please do get in touch either by visiting my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/Tracy.A.McGinn or by visiting the Daisy Foundation website   http://thedaisyfoundation.com/antenatal-classes-in-cheshire-and-merseyside-with-tracy-mcginn/

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