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Today, we are welcoming Anna, from Relax Therapies, Birkenhead to our blog. Anna is one of our fellow local business owners here on The Wirral. We love her ethical and natural approach to all the therapies she offers. She has very kindly written this article to share her knowledge with you about the benefits of Reflexology during Pregnancy, and is offering our readers an exclusive discount on a pregnancy reflexology treatment.




What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a specialised type of massage, usually carried out on the feet but also on the hands or head. It is based on the theory that there are reflexes or zones on the feet that correspond to areas of the body and by stimulating these zones you can encourage healing and relieve stress and tension. It feels relaxing and many people report a feeling of wellbeing after a session.Reflexology chart

What are the benefits of Reflexology in Pregnancy?

In the first trimester

Although reflexology is a very gentle treatment as a precaution most reflexologists do not carry out reflexology treatments in the first trimester.

In the second trimester

Many women find reflexology useful to relieve some of the symptoms of pregnancy such as swollen ankles, anxiety, fatigue and nausea. Reflexology helps to promote a sense of wellbeing and gives you some much needed rest and “me time”.

In the third trimester

There is a lot of anecdotal evidence of women trying reflexology to help bring on labour when they reach their due date.   It is thought that this is due to it promoting relaxation and reducing the levels of stress hormones in the body so the body starts producing the labour hormones such as oxytocin.Pregnancy baby bump photo by Amberlight Images

Is Reflexology Safe in Pregnancy?

Reflexology is a gentle, drug free treatment and is suitable for the vast majority of people.

Make sure you go to see a properly trained reflexologist who should be registered with a professional body such as the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT). This ensures they have been trained to a high standard and gives you peace of mind that they are fully insured to practice.

What happens in a Reflexology session?

The session will start with a consultation to find out why you have come for treatment and to check you don’t have any medical issues that would make reflexology unsuitable for you.

You will then need to remove shoes and socks and sit or lie on the massage couch. The treatment will be carried out on your feet and lower legs. The movements range from firm sweeping movements carried out over the whole foot to firm pressure applied to specific zones. Sometimes it can feel a little uncomfortable at times but shouldn’t be painful. Many people fall asleep during the treatment as they feel so relaxed.

Following the treatment you should drink plenty of water and take it easy.

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About Anna

Anna from Relax Therapies WirralAnna is the owner of Relax Therapies, Wirral. She’s a practicing Reflexologist, also offering Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage and Sports Therapy treatments. She has been awarded the prestigious Top 3 best rated massage therapist in Wirral award two years in a row. Anna enjoys working with people to help them feel their best and offers treatments from her clinic in Birkenhead or by mobile visit. She is offering our readers a special offer of £5 off a Pregnancy Reflexology Treatment. Please quote code ‘Amberlight’ when you book.

To find out more visit her website