Close up photo of wildlife friendly magic reindeer food

Magic Reindeer Food recipe

Close up photo of wildlife friendly magic reindeer food♥ ‘Sprinkle outside on Christmas Eve night,

the crystals will sparkle in the starlight.

As Santa’s reindeer fly over your town,

this magical food will help guide them down’ ♥

Sprinkling magic reindeer food on the lawn is one of our family’s favourite Christmas traditions, and making up your own special reindeer recipe to scatter on Christmas Eve is a lovely way to spend time with your little ones, and enjoy the excitement together as you wait to hear those sleigh bells ring!

‘Now, Dasher! Now, Dancer! Now, Prancer and Vixen! On, Comet! On, Cupid! On, Donder and Blitzen! To the top of the porch! To the top of the wall! Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!’ ♥ ~ Clement Clarke Moore

Christmas reindeerbaubles photo by Amberlight ImagesOur magical reindeer food recipe is packed full of Father Christmas’ reindeers favourites, but best of all, it doesn’t contain glitter (Just in case that cheeky Christmas Robin nibbles at your reindeer food before Dancer and Prancer arrive!)Winter Christmas Robin photo by Amberlight Images Wirral

Our family’s magical recipe is below:

Magic reindeer food ingredients photo by Amberlight ImagesRolled Porridge Oats (Packed full of energy to help keep the reindeer flying through the night)

Hundreds & Thousands (A Sugar crunch, and special treat for the reindeer, after all, they deserve it)

Edible Cake Decorations (These sparkle and shimmer in the starlight to catch old Blitzen’s eye)

These are just our favourites, it’s fun to research a few ingredients that your favourite reindeer may enjoy… maybe Cupid prefers heart shaped sugared candy, or star shapes for Comet! You could change your recipe each year, depending upon what you have in the cupboards, Currants, raisins or sultanas also work well, and as an added bonus, our garden blackbird loves them, and will eat any that the reindeer leave behind!

This year, we chose red ‘hundreds & thousands’ for a festive feel, and star shaped silver cake decorations. But you could choose brown sugar crystals or dried red berries instead. You could also substitute the rolled oats with pinhead oatmeal birdseed (another magic reindeer favourite – didn’t you know?) which will probably leave a bit less of a mushy mess in your garden the next morning if the reindeer don’t have time to eat all that beautiful food you made them!Magic reindeer food for Christmas Eve, photo copyright Amberlight Images

We hope you have fun making your own Christmas Reindeer food, we’d love to know what your family leave out for Rudolph on Christmas Eve, and if you would like some more ideas for creating some new family Christmas traditions with your little one, we have shared a few here. xx