Black and white photo by Amberlight Images of sleepy newborn baby.

Make your Baby’s First Christmas Magical

Beautiful newborn baby eyes, photo Amberlight Images, Wirral

Your first Christmas with a new baby is such a special time. Your little family has grown during the last year, and sharing this first Christmas together is the chance to create magical memories and traditions that will last many years into the future. Here are our top 10 suggestions for how to make the most of your baby’s first Christmas.

1    Start Your Own Christmas Traditions

Christmas decoration amberlight images newborn photographyEveryone has their own way of celebrating Christmas and these traditions are what make each family’s Christmas unique. Both Mum and Dad will have traditions passed down through their own families, and now is the time to pick the best of these and maybe mix in a couple of new ones to create your own traditions for your new little family.

So does Father Christmas leave presents under the tree or in a stocking? In the lounge or the bedroom? When do you eat Christmas Dinner? Is Christmas spent with friends or family…or both?

Now is your chance to pick your favourite traditions to create the best family Christmas for your beloved tribe!

2   Visit Father Christmas

You probably haven’t visited Father Christmas in his grotto since you were a child yourself, but now you have the ideal opportunity to make a family trip. While your little one won’t remember or even understand who the man in the big red suit is, this is a wonderful memory to take some photos of to add to the record of your baby’s first Christmas.

3   Add a New Ornament to the Tree

'All I wasnt for Christmas is you' tree decoration photo by Amberlight ImagesWhether you choose to buy or make a new decoration for your tree this year, it is a wonderful chance to commemorate this special first Christmas as a family. Add a beautiful personalised Baby’s First Christmas bauble, then each year when you unpack it to dress the tree you will be reminded of this extra-special Christmas. You can also extend this tradition throughout the year to add keepsake tree decorations from special places you visit together – this adds an extra layer of sentiment to dressing the tree, as you unpack each bauble and remember the great times you had together.

4    New Christmas Pyjamas

first christmas baby photograph wirralStart your Christmas celebrations early on Christmas Eve with a new pair of Christmas PJs for your little one….and you too! Snuggle up together in your new festive pyjamas and watch some Christmas TV or a film. Or maybe it’s time to open your Christmas Eve box filled with some lovely activities to do together as a family. Prepare some magic reindeer food for those hardworking reindeer, and don’t forget to leave out a treat for the big man himself!

5    Buy a Special Gift for your Baby

This first Christmas together is precious so it deserves an extra special gift for your new baby. Why not buy something sentimental which your little one can keep as they grow older. Some of the nicest ideas we have heard of include a limited edition Steiff Teddy Bear, a set of Royal Mint presentation coins from your baby’s year of birth or a personalised wooden chest (which can act as a toy chest while they are young but be used for more general storage as they grow).Baby girl in basket with teddy bear, photo by Amberlight Images

6     Choose a Christmas Stocking or Santa Sack

In this first year of starting your new family traditions, choosing a new Christmas Stocking or Santa Sack for your baby is a must. Choose a design you love and which will last – it is going to be the focus of squeals of delight and happiness on Christmas morning for many years to come!baby standing with toy santa phoyo Amberlight Images

7      Make Some Special Christmas Cards

Plan early to make some special Christmas cards to commemorate this memorable year. If you enjoy crafts then you could have a look online for some ideas for handmade cards, Book your baby in for a Christmas mini  photoshoot or create your own festive photo of your little one to have printed for a personal and sentimental Christmas card to send to friends and family.Christmas photo of toddler, studio by Amberlight Images

8      Pick a Special Outfit for Christmas DayBaby first christmas photograph wirral amberlight images

There are some gorgeous outfits for both baby girls and boys which you can buy for Christmas day, and will look amazing in all the photos you take of your little one as they experience their first Christmas! Whether you want something quirky and amusing or classic and smart, make the effort to select a festive outfit for the day. Christmas jumpers can also be worn in the weeks running up to Christmas day, so it doesn’t need to be a big expense for an outfit that only gets worn once… alternatively, that beautiful red dress that you have saved especially for the day itself, can be teamed with a cute cardigan and reused as a party dress after Christmas!

9     Enjoy the Day

After all the planning you have put in to making this day so special, make sure you take the time to absorb the details and enjoy it. If you are hosting, ask family to help out so that you don’t end up doing everything yourself. Try to keep to your ordinary routine around nap times as much as possible so that your little one doesn’t get too overwhelmed and tired with all the excitement that is going on around them.

10     Capture These Special Moments

With so many special details and moments happening throughout the day, make sure you take photos to look back on as your little one grows. They won’t stay this little forever and your first Christmas with them is priceless. Buy a special album and print a selection of photos from the day so that you can share them together as a family on the many wonderful family Christmas’s still to come!Baby fingers holding reindeer christmas tree bauble photo by Amberlight Images