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Baby bump photo by Amberlight ImagesThere are so many ways these days to celebrate and share the excitement of pregnancy, from the moment you find out, to announcing your news to your loved ones. From planning weekly or monthly ‘bump selfies’ to booking 3D & 4D scan photos for a gender reveal!

And with birthing classes, pregnancy fitness, baby showers, bump casts and newborn photoshoots to plan, not to mention the regular dates to check-in with your midwife, your 9 months of pregnancy will pass quickly and before you know it, your little one will be here!

The various Social media channels give you the option to share this growing anticipation with your friends and family if you wish, and can provide you with a lovely record of your pregnancy.

Or you may choose to keep things a little quieter, saving your intimate bump photos for your personal album, choosing to not find out whether your much longed for little one is a boy or girl, and so preserving that wonderful guessing game right til the end!

Pregnancy bump photo Amberlight Images Wirral

Your pregnancy journey is unique and personal, it’s the start of your child’s story. Choosing how you document and share your pregnancy now is something you and your child will love to look back on as they grow. ♥

Mum with newborn baby, lowlight black and white photo copyright Amberlight Images Wirral

It’s such an emotional time, and whilst it may seem like a long time waiting for your baby to arrive, it really is over very quickly, and you can’t go back! Make sure you capture these special days for your new family. xxMaternity photo with quote, I will hold you in my heart until I can hold you in my arms. Copyright Amberlight Images