Photography is the power of observation not the application of technology‘ ~ Ken Rockwell

Commercial photo Wirral. Horse lesson riding school by Amberlight Images

We offer competitive and affordable commercial photography on the Wirral and love working with our fellow local small business owners, with rural, equine and handmade or cottage industries our speciality.

We pride ourselves with a personal and bespoke touch for your image requirements. Whether you need clean white product photography for your website and for selling your items on one of ‘those’ big selling sites. Or, if your branding is more organic & outdoors, rustic & natural, or sleek & smart, we can offer images designed specifically to your brief…Commercial white product shot by Amberlight Images

Wide Welly Co seasonal campaign commercial photography Wirral by Amberlight Images

Indoor commercial product photography shot Wirral. Copyright Amberlight ImagesWhy invest in commercial photography for your business?

We can help with images for yearly events and celebrations such as Christmas or Halloween. Seasonal images to keep your brand up-to-date and fresh for spring, summer, autumn and winter. Or more timeless photos that you can use year-round to promote your products. We also offer macro photography, capturing close up the key qualities of your product, enabling you to showcase your brand in the finest detail.

And don’t forget about you! It’s important for your customers to know who you are too. We offer corporate headshot photography for you and your employees. You’ll receive a guide when you book, with tips to help you make sure your business image is amazing, and ensure the style suits you and your brand. We can also plan different styles for your business headshots for use on the various platforms you use for your business.

In today’s fast moving digital world, where the quality of each image is so important to the ‘story’ being told, the benefits of professional photographs associated with your business and brand is an essential investment that cannot be underestimated.

Bespoke Commercial Photography Rates

We charge an all inclusive price of £120/hour to take your photos.

What you get for you money…

~♥~ Free help and expert advice on the planning, design and vision for your shoot. (If you need it)

~♥~ Our time and expertise: to take your photos and then edit and enhance your finished images. Basic post processing (Colour balance/Cropping/Sharpening etc) is included in your price.

~♥~ Photos supplied electronically in jpeg format, in both high resolution for printing, and internet ready low resolution for digital use.

~♥~ A generous commercial ‘License to use’ for all images supplied from your shoot, unlimited in both time and territory. We don’t restrict how often or where you can use your images.

Extra Costs

We charge £0.45/mile for commercial photography projects outside The Wirral.

If models or individual bespoke props are required for your photos, these are charged to you at cost.

Specialist photoshop editing and enhancement of specific images is available at £60/hour.Enhanced photo for commercial wide welly company by Amberlight Images

Please get in touch for a bespoke commercial photography quote for your business.

Autumn Apples commercial photography Wirral by Amberlight Images

New! Learn how to take your own beautiful professional looking images for your business.

Product Photography training courses are now available at our home studio in Bebington, Wirral.

Calico Kitten image Pet commercial photography wirral by Amberlight Images