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    Mama, You’re amazing!

    Our body’s ability to grow new life has always amazed me, and new research proves just how amazing our bodies are! Mama-to-be, how are you feeling? Are you experiencing that pregnancy glow, or just tired and slightly uncomfortable? However you are feeling today, you may be reassured to know that you are one of the elite! Your body is incredible and new research confirms this! Women who are expecting a baby are living at the extremes of human endurance. Their bodies are working at a level comparable to the energy expenditure of an elite athlete; a marathon runner or Tour…

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    Guest Blog ~ Relax Therapies Wirral

        Today, we are welcoming Anna, from Relax Therapies, Birkenhead to our blog. Anna is one of our fellow local business owners here on The Wirral. We love her ethical and natural approach to all the therapies she offers. She has very kindly written this article to share her knowledge with you about the benefits of Reflexology during Pregnancy, and is offering our readers an exclusive discount on a pregnancy reflexology treatment.