Newborn twin boys photo by Amberlight Images Wirral
Newborn Story

Teddy & Oscar ~ 9 Days

Newborn twin boys photo by Amberlight Images WirralThese beautiful twins, Teddy and Oscar, were eagerly awaited by everyone! But especially by their big brothers Oliver and Noah, who each claimed one of the babies to be their ‘own’. Typically for their newborn shoot day, the twins reversed their personalities; no sooner than Mum declaring that Teddy would be sleepy and apologising that Oscar rarely slept, they chose to do exactly the opposite! But we loved capturing these simply stunning images of two gorgeous newborn baby boys with the help of their adoring siblings, Ollie and Noah, and we are so excited to share some of our favourite images from their gallery with you. ♥

Black and white image of twin newborn boys, copyright Amberlight Images Newborn twins wrapped snugly in blankets photo by Amberlight Images Wirral Newborn twins by Amberlight Images Newborn Twins with older brothers sibling photo by Amberlight Images Newborn baby twin boys with big brothers family photo by Amberlight ImagesNewborn twins encircled in parents hands black and white portrait by Amberlight ImagesNewborn twins nose-to-nose pose photo copyright Amberlight Images