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Top 5 baby items for new Parents

Newborn twins encircled in parents hands black and white portrait by Amberlight ImagesOur newborn sessions can last for up to 4 hours- because we work at baby’s pace. If baby needs a feed or a cuddle, we stop for exactly that. Our tiny clients have timescale all of their own and we work around their needs. While babies are being fed and soothed we have lots of time to chat to parents about the wonderful and amazing experience that is having a new baby. Over time from listening to our new Mums, we’ve been able to pull together a ‘must have’ list of baby essentials for new parents. So (apart from the obvious pram and car seat), if you’ve been wondering what you really need and what is just a gimmicky waste of money – have a look at these…


1 : Swaddling Blanket

We wrap newborns for some of our poses, especially if the baby is wide awake. It helps keep little arms and legs neat and tidy, and avoids cute fists or tiny toes stealing the focus of every photo. An added bonus of wrapping though is that it helps the baby to feel secure and safe and 9 times out of 10 they instantly settle and fall asleep. Samuel and Kieran in particular loved being swaddled, as you can see. And so many new parents swear by swaddling to help their newborns sleep soundly.Black & white photo of a sleepy yawny swaddled newborn baby boy copyright Amberlight Images Chester

2 : White Noise

Leilani is sleeping soundly on this photo, but what you can’t see is just out of shot of our camera, there is an iPhone playing white noise to help her sleep. We like to use an app called sound sleeper during our newborn sessions, it has various choices of white noise, from mum’s heartbeat & womb noises to vacuum cleaner and waves on a beach. We have found different babies have their own preferences, we just wish an app like this had been available for our firstborn… would have saved us constantly leaving the vacuum cleaner or hairdryer going to help her settle during those first few weeks!newborn baby photo amberlight images

3 : Lansinoh cream

For breastfeeding Mums, we see so many that just couldn’t get through those early weeks without this wonder stuff! Slather it on to prevent chapping, in fact, we swear by it ourselves! Anyone find another brand that works as well? Please add to the comments!
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4 : Muslin squares

New Mums find these so versatile, equally essential for both bottle fed and breast fed babies! Buy several, so you can wash and use as you go… Use instead of a bib for dribbles, great for those inevitable accidents at changing time, also can be used to throw over your shoulder when baby needs feeding; it can give you a discreet way to help latch baby on during those early days if you are both getting the hang of breastfeeding, and it’s instantly to hand if needed for any milk spills!

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5 : Nappy Cream

Whilst you probably won’t need this during the first few days, at some point you will, and it’s good to have things ready rather than having to rush out and buy under pressure while your little one is distressed. There are several different brands, and you will probably find some will suit your baby’s skin more than others. Childs Farm, Sudocrem and Bepanthen, are all popular, but there are plenty of others out there. Take some time to research organic chemical free options, that will best suit you and your family.
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And a little extra tip: Family and friends will shower you with gifts to welcome your beautiful baby. Whilst too many visits can be a little intrusive when you are adjusting to being a new little family, and Great Aunt Amy arriving unannounced just as you were trying to catch up on sleep while baby naps can be difficult; don’t be afraid to ask for their help. Most people are pleased to be asked, and their help can give you precious time to bond and enjoy your baby, or just catch up on some much needed sleep. A ready made dinner, or an offer to help with your cleaning can be much more useful than your relatives sitting in your lounge, cuddling the new baby while you run round making the cups of tea! Be selfish! Ask for help! And don’t feel guilty for sitting snuggling with YOUR new baby whilst your visitors make YOU a cup of tea! ♥

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