Amberlight Images newborn photographers wooden rustic boxed USB for digital images.

Why print your photographs?

Amberlight Images newborn photographers wooden rustic boxed USB for digital images.Many of our clients choose to buy digital copies of some (or all) of the photos in their gallery. And of course we love to be able to offer this option, after all, we try to provide albums, artwork and collections that incorporate those products our clients love best… and in todays modern and social media based society, digital albums are proving to be one of the most popular products we offer! And it’s easy to understand why… an image uploaded to your Facebook or Instagram feed is instantly available to family and friends the world over, and when that image is your own very tiny and beautiful baby, your own little corner of the internet goes crazy…

…bringing distant family and friends instantly closer, into your own home almost, making your world a very warm and cosy place to be and allowing those people who are important to you to feel included in your brand new baby’s life. It truly is a beautiful thing.Newborn baby boy encircled by mum's hands photo Amberlight Images

But where are your photos really? Facebook moves on so fast… 24hours later and your beautiful baby photo is lost in a storm of crazy cat videos or the latest celebrity news (did I just mention video? Does anyone even remember videos?) I meant movie… or live feed didn’t I? But my point being, once the initial likes and comments are over, where are your photos? If your social media account got hacked tomorrow? How many of us are guilty of putting a disc or USB full of precious photos away in a drawer, to ‘keep them safe’ with the intention of printing them ‘soon’ (whenever that may be).

USBs are not archival. They really aren’t! And not just because digital data can be corrupted, or accidentally deleted…

Who remembers 6″ floppy discs? Or 3.5″ floppys? Anyone? What about CD’s? We all remember them, right? But does anyone use them anymore? My current laptop doesn’t even have a CD or DVD drive. So any photos that I had stored on a CD were suddenly difficult to access when my old laptop failed. I know, it’s a boring subject, but it really is important to safeguard your digital photographs against time and technology – Please remember to transfer them as media storage and technology update in the future.Black & white photo of a sleepy yawny swaddled newborn baby boy copyright Amberlight Images Chester

And the best way to ‘store’ your images?

Print them.

We believe passionately that the photographs we have taken of you and your family should be turned into beautiful pieces of art. Images that you are proud to display in your home, and for you and your children (and eventually your grandchildren) to treasure.Newborn girl, pink romper, asleep in basket, photo Amberlight images

Whilst we are very happy to offer high quality and bespoke printed products as part of our catalogue and collections, (and we love it when our clients choose these printed products) we also love to see that those clients who chose a digital album do print their images themselves.Amberlight Images printed photographs. Newborn photographer Wirral Liverpool Chester

There is nothing quite so lovely as being able to look through old photographs together, with your child, or with your grandparents, sharing memories and making new ones, or the familiarity and love that you feel every time you walk past that beautiful framed print in your home. xxAmberlight Images signature frame, 'Baby Keepsake'

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